周一快乐每个人——我can’t wait to show you what I had for dessert on Saturday night (and,咳嗽, lunch on Sunday afternoon #noregrets) DIRT CAKE! Not just anyDirt Cake– gluten-free, dairy-free, homemade-pudding-containing, genuine, bonafide (did I get all of them?) DIRT. CAKE. Mmmm!


We finally wrapped up all the festivities surrounding my birthday this weekend (it was on the 5th,) as it was the first time all the family was able to come together. My Mom made all my favorites for dinner on Saturday night including缸锅烤豆,兄弟,水果沙拉,以及我提到的,污垢蛋糕!我不确定DC是一个中西部的东西,但它基本上是夏奇西哥 - 香草布丁和粉碎的奥勒斯,又名是行星上最好的甜点之一,我的兄弟和我的兄弟,我的兄弟在每年夏天都很长。这是我所有时间的最爱之一。德赢体育app

My Mom’s never been able to find gluten-free/dairy-free pudding mix (Lincoln and my nephews are allergic to dairy,) so she made her own, tracked down GF/DF “Oreos” and layered this beauty up for my birthday “cake”. It was phenooooomenal. Like I said, I took the leftovers home and ate them for lunch on Sunday. Happy birthday to me, indeed! ;)







Other than that, Ben and I filled our weekend with house projects, as we’ve got a to-do list a mile long that we’re working hard to complete before baby boy makes his arrival in October (including what feels like replacing every faucet in the house. #ugh #plumbing.) Ben worked on staining the back deck while I gave our front door trim a paint refresher on Saturday afternoon, then on Sunday I got to go to Homegoods…ALONE!!!….to search for new decor for our family room built-ins.

If I had to pick out 3 things I’m not evenremotelytalented at, it would be interior decorating, fashion, and let’s just put interior decorating down again because I am对此糟糕。我可以看到一张照片说,“yes, I like that!” but when it comes to recreating said picture, it’s not happening without some major help.

也就是说,我的待办事项列表中的一个项目是给我们的主要层面是一个凝聚力的主题。在上周之前,它是旅行,与波西米亚,经典和海角鳕鱼混合。而不是在可爱的“朋友”的公寓之路,每位椅子都错配却以某种方式注册为天才。无论如何,我觉得在Cape Cod(ish) - 上周我妈妈和我挂了一下these printsin the hallway, picked out这颜色to paint a few walls, and I snagged a few neutral tone + blue accent pieces from Homegoods to unify our family room builtins (there’s a fireplace between these.) Like I said, I am by NO means a decorator and this is still a work in progress – the top right shelf (topiary especially) and lemon plate are both making me twitchy though we got the plate in Italy so I’m willing to overlook the mismatching colors, and I’d prefer to not have the books out but Ben really wanted them there – but this color palette + arrangement is already making me 1,000x happier than the darker colors that were here before.

Oh man, I could go on and on, but I’ll zip it because I have a stellar recipe I want to share with you today!


虾煮汤, y’all!



In case you missed it, Ben made us anepic shrimp and crab boil今年七月四日。奇怪的是(如非常,令人发指的,奇怪的奇怪)足够,我在日历上有这个汤谱分享,以便在他宣布他的计划之前分享。让我清楚 - 我们住在爱荷华州。没有低地国家的土地沸腾,但我们俩都在同样的时间内大致相同。WEEE-IRD!无论如何,并不重要。重要的是,无论你住在哪里,你都可以用这个新鲜和梦幻般的汤配方在家里有一个低国家虾煮沸,这是一个充满味道和香料。

Spicy andouille sausage (sub kielbasa if you’re sensitive to spice and/or serving to kiddos,) is sauted with fresh sweet corn and Old Bay seasoning then simmered with creamy red potatoes and tender shrimp before being ladled into bowls and topped with a drizzle of bright lemon juice. While yes, this is a soup recipe, it’s light, brothy, and healthy, so it definitely didn’t feel out of place at the summer dinner table. Full of vegetables and protein, it’s a filling meal in one, too. I can’t wait for you to try it!


开始切片9oz Andouille香肠into 1/4” rings. If you cut them any thinner they could get rubbery during the cooking process. I am THRILLED to have found this Aidells andouille sausage at the grocery store recently. We love theirmeatballs, lunch meats, 和鸡肉香肠因为他们无谷蛋白和ingredi很大ent lists, and this product is no different. Zero funky stuff and awesome, spicy flavor! That said, if you are sensitive to spice and/or want to serve this soup to kids, swap the andouille for mild kielbasa sausage. The soup will be just as delish.


Add the sausage and1 chopped shallotto1汤匙特级初榨橄榄油in a large soup pot over medium-high heat. Saute until the sausage begins to brown then add the kernels from2 ears sweet corn(vwin游戏约1-1 / 2杯)并搅拌另外2分钟,以轻微软化玉米。


Next add2-1 / 2茶匙老海湾调味料5 cups gluten-free chicken broth. Turn the heat up to high to bring the soup to a boil then add2 cups (about 12oz) chopped red potatoes.将热量降低到介质,然后煮沸直到土豆嫩,10-15分钟。


Last step is to add3/4lb (12oz) 51/70 count raw, peeled shrimp. FYI this size of shrimp rarely comes pre-deveined, because it usually doesn’t need it, though if you see a few shrimp that need cleaned, go ahead and do that before adding to the soup pot.

从热量中取出锅,然后将盖子放在上面,让肉汤的热量烹饪虾。这将导致超级温柔的虾vs overcooked,橡胶虾。天上,我告诉过你!一旦虾煮沸,味道随后会在需要时加入1/2茶匙更老海湾。


Ladle the soup into bowls then top with chopped chives or parsley for a little color, and serve withlemon wedgesso everyone can add as much as they like – it真的adds to the flavor of each bowl. Also know that this soup is fantastic ladled over a scoop of cooked white rice, gumbo-style. However you serve it, I know you’re going to love it! Enjoy!



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serves 6

  • 1汤匙特级初榨橄榄油
  • 9oz Andouille香肠, sliced into 1/4" coins (I used Aidells)
  • 1 shallot, chopped
  • 2耳朵甜玉米,仁从COB切割(1-1 / 2杯)
  • 2-1/2 - 3 teaspoons Old Bay seasoning
  • 5 cups gluten-free chicken broth
  • 2 cups chopped red potatoes (about 12oz)
  • 3/4lb (12oz) 51/60 shrimp, peeled
  • lemon wedges


  1. Heat oil in a large soup pot over medium-high heat. Add sausage and shallots then saute until sausage begins to brown, 3-4 minutes. Add sweet corn then saute for 2 minutes. Sprinkle in 2-1/2 teaspoons Old Bay seasoning then saute for 30 more seconds.
  2. Add chicken broth then turn heat up to high and bring to a boil. Add potatoes then turn heat down to medium and simmer until potatoes are tender, 10-15 minutes. Add shrimp then remove pot from heat, place a lid on top, and let shrimp cook through, 3-4 minutes. Taste then add up to 1/2 teaspoon more Old Bay if needed then ladle into bowls and serve with lemon wedges.


  • 如果您对Spice敏感,请互惠互惠Seusage为Mild Kielbasa Seusage。
  • This soup is great served over a scoop of cooked white rice.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats, //www.safways.com.